Zope QuickStart

Welcome to Zope - a new generation of software that we call a web application platform. Like web application servers, Zope provides very high performance and a strong framework for dynamic applications.

This QuickStart is built with Zope objects -- take a look!

Zope, though, is distinguished by its integrated object database which, when combined with a revolutionary object model, provides a completely unique facility for servicing content managers and web application developers. This outline, implemented in Zope, talks about the various strengths of the Zope platform and some of the other products available for it.

Start working in the management screens

+ Database Integration
- Content Management
+ Builtin Objects
+ Document Templates
- Dropin Objects

Drop-in products for Zope provide allow content managers to add new functionality like discussion groups and database access to their site as easily as they new add Documents or Folders. Products designed for Zope register new types of objects which can be dropped into any Folder - even into objects defined by other products!

The Confera product adds the ability to create full-featured web discussion groups to a site. A content manager can simply add a new Confera Topic in any Folder. The newly added Confera Topic is fully functional, complete with generic Documents that can be customized to brand the topic and full-text searching.

The Aqueduct line of products allow content managers to easily integrate back-end data with their site by dropping in Database Connections and Database Methods which perform database queries. The resulting data can then be used in site Documents, taking full advantage of DTML.

+ Application Development
+ Web to Objects