Zope QuickStart

Welcome to Zope - a new generation of software that we call a web application platform. Like web application servers, Zope provides very high performance and a strong framework for dynamic applications.

This QuickStart is built with Zope objects -- take a look!

Zope, though, is distinguished by its integrated object database which, when combined with a revolutionary object model, provides a completely unique facility for servicing content managers and web application developers. This outline, implemented in Zope, talks about the various strengths of the Zope platform and some of the other products available for it.

Start working in the management screens

+ Database Integration
+ Content Management
+ Application Development
- Web to Objects
+ Integrated Object Database
+ Data Sharing
+ Managed Through the Web
+ Direct URL Access to Objects
+ Security
+ Sessions
- Undo

One of the main features of Zope's object database is its ability to Undo actions. This is not your typical undo found in text editors, spreadsheets, and other desktop applications. Made a change in some DTML that you didn't like? Wish you hadn't deleted those three images? Realize you uploaded the wrong file object? Clicking on the Undo tag (found on most Zope folderish objects, along with a few others) can help you. Since Zope is based on an object oriented database that stamps times on transactions (changes) to the system, Undo is a robust and solid benefit of this technology.

It also works with sessions. While you can discard changes made in a session instead of saving them, you might do some work in a session and make it public only to find out it's not as good as you thought. Since the session is saved as a single transaction, you can undo a massive amount of changes in one click. Be careful though - there is no redo!