Zope QuickStart

Welcome to Zope - a new generation of software that we call a web application platform. Like web application servers, Zope provides very high performance and a strong framework for dynamic applications.

This QuickStart is built with Zope objects -- take a look!

Zope, though, is distinguished by its integrated object database which, when combined with a revolutionary object model, provides a completely unique facility for servicing content managers and web application developers. This outline, implemented in Zope, talks about the various strengths of the Zope platform and some of the other products available for it.

Start working in the management screens

+ Database Integration
+ Content Management
+ Application Development
- Web to Objects
+ Integrated Object Database
+ Data Sharing
+ Managed Through the Web
+ Direct URL Access to Objects
+ Security
- Sessions

Sessions are a form of a long running transaction in Zope. Sessions allow the site to be worked on live without affecting its normal use. Only users who have joined a session to work on the site can see the changes being made. Everyone else won't see the changes until the session is saved. Sessions can span minutes or weeks, depending on the job.

There are numerous advantages to Sessions over some other means of site editing. The main advantage is the fact that you are modifying a live site, instead of working on a mirror copy of the site only to discover minor conflicts when you move it onto the live site. Sessions let you catch and fix errors that often happen when doing both major and minor overhauls such as broken links before your users do.

+ Undo