Zope QuickStart

Welcome to Zope - a new generation of software that we call a web application platform. Like web application servers, Zope provides very high performance and a strong framework for dynamic applications.

This QuickStart is built with Zope objects -- take a look!

Zope, though, is distinguished by its integrated object database which, when combined with a revolutionary object model, provides a completely unique facility for servicing content managers and web application developers. This outline, implemented in Zope, talks about the various strengths of the Zope platform and some of the other products available for it.

Start working in the management screens

- Database Integration
+ A Basic Example
+ High Performance
- Multi-Platform

Zope (and therefore Aqueduct) runs on many platforms. This list is always growing! The lastest list of supported platforms and databases can be found on our website.

As of April 1998, Digital Creations supported:

  • Linux v2
  • BSDI v3
  • OSF1v3
  • Solaris 2.5
  • Solaris 2.6
  • HP/UX 10.x
  • Irix 6.46
  • Windows NT Server v4
  • Windows NT Workstation v4

+ SQL and HTML in Harmony
+ Multi-Tiered
+ Multiple Data Sources
+ Publish Databases
+ Content Management
+ Application Development
+ Web to Objects